Mayon Volcano

The world�s nearly perfect cone.  It stands majestically at 7,946 ft.  from the broad base about 10 km. In radius. The crater is 2,451 meters above sea level and with a diameter of .5 kilometer.  It has a notched rim where a pool or building hot lava boils and rich coal deposits could be found. 

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Pineapple Festival

A festival showcasing the province�s primary agri-product, its sweetest queen Fromosa Pineapple.  Featured are colorful street presentation, art exhibits, agri-trade fair, cultural dances and sports. It is topped by a food processing demonstration of pineapple ingredients.

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Pe�afrancia Festival

Today, Naga City remains the pilrimage center made prominent by the Pe�afrancia Festival held every September of the year in honor of the region's patroness, Our Lady of Pe�afrancia.

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Puraran Beach

This is the site surfboard surfing, internationally known as �Majestic.�  October to January is the surfing season and the surf is fast and right handed.

�The white and clean beach makes it very inviting.  A Japanese group had invested in improving the site.  They built cottages of single occupancy, a dining hall and a surfing area for sports enthusiasts.


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Rodeo Filipino

Cattle raising is a trademark of the province as well as the major source of livelihood. Hence, the Rodeo highlights the Masbate Livestock Week and features various sports activities such as grand rodeo parade, agro-livestock fair, individual and group competitions in bull riding, steer wrestling, carabao race and other traditional Filipino games.

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Dubbed as �Switzerland of the Orient� located at the center of the Bulusan National Park.

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