An ideal places for boating, swimming and beach combing.  A resthouse and a line of shore cottages amidst the abundant growth of coconut and fruit orchards provide the needs of the travellers and vacationist.


Dubbed as �Switzerland of the Orient� located at the center of the Bulusan National Park.


Towering at 5,077 feet above sea level, Mt. Bulusan is like a crawling giant in the middle of a forest land which have been declared as a province�s National Park.  Some barrios and stitios of the towns of Bulusan, Irosin, Juban and Casiguran nestle on the forested slopeds of the volcano.  As to vegetation, about a hundred different kinds of trees, species of shrubs, vines, giant ferns, rare orchids and other forms of flowers grow and adorn the slopes of this enchanting volcano.  In this sprawling greenery, very rare species of plants also abound in the heart of the National Park which covers a land area of 3,672 hectares.  Expanding over a circular is of 16.45ha.


Built in 1874, coral reefs were used to form the walls and the carvings on the coral reef fa�ade makes the church a priceless relic



Built on top of a hill, it dominates other structures in the town of Irosin.  From the vantage point of the church, unfurls the panoramic view of the town and from afar the towering Bulusan Volcano.