This is the site surfboard surfing, internationally known as �Majestic.�  October to January is the surfing season and the surf is fast and right handed.

The white and clean beach makes it very inviting.  A Japanese group had invested in improving the site.  They built cottages of single occupancy, a dining hall and a surfing area for sports enthusiasts.

MAMANGAL BEACH Like Puraran, the sands are also white.  Developed by the local government, the beaches are now freshly lined with cool and sandy trees.  Pavillions and sheds are also constructed to accommodate swimmers.  The beach is very ideal for weeked picnics and scuba diving.  Crystalline waters abound with natural and colorful reefs where a big number of species swarm in multi-colored panorama.
TOYTOY BEACH Another white and clean beach.  It is located in Toytoy, Caramaon.  Ideal for picnics.  The well-developed coral formations underwater makes it very suitable for snorkeling and spear fishing.
IGANG BEACH Also of white sand is haven for sufboard surfing & wind surfing.  There are caves nearby and the coral formations are ideal for spear fishing. In some parts of the beaches, swimming is safe and recommended.  It is located in Igang, Virac.
MARILIMA BEACH The unspoiled beach has gleaing white sands.  Its clean and natural luster is recommended for picnickers and swimmers or even for spear fishing.
NAHULUGAN FALLS The cascading waterfalls is surrounded by a lush of vegetation and forest.  Unspoiled wildlife brims around the site.  An indeal place for picnic activities, hiking and mountain climbing.  It is found in San Pedro, Gigmoto.
MARIBINA WATERFALLS There are ideal picnic grounds near the waterfalls.  Good for swimming, diving and hiking.  Sheds  are available for picnickers who would want to stay overnight.  It is located at Marinawa.
BONOT RESORT It is very ideal site for swimming and picnic.  There are available sheds for accommodation.  Located at Bonot, San Andres.
DORORIAN RESORT Located in Gigmoto, it was partially developed by the local government of Gigmoto.  It has natural cascading water and unspoiled wildlife and forest.  There are picnic areas and sheds for swimmers and visitors.
SUBOC BEACH Located in Viga on the northeastern portion of the province.  The beach is white and seen from afar the panoramic view is simply superb.

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