A site which serves as a strong reminder of the rich Manila to Acapulco (Mexico) trade routes during the Spanish era.  Found along the shores of Buhatan beach at Sto. Domingo, Albay, this galleon relic was wrought by a strong typhoon on its way to Acapulco and crushed on the reefs of Albay Gulf.  This historical remains lie at five fathoms under the sea with green transparent water.  It is an ideal place for scuba diving, fishing or boating.
GEOTHERMAL ELECTRIC POWER An electric generation project with geothermal energy as source.  It is designed to generate more than 227 megawatts, operated jointly by NPC/NEA and Union Oil (USA).  Located in Tiwi, mostly visited for its high educational values.
PUTSAN BEACH The original source of ancient ceramics and potteries industry in Bicol Region until today.  Sweeping in long graceful curve, the beautiful white surging surfs of the ocean form a sharp contrast with jet-black volcanic sands.  Add to this natural wonder is the fishing venture of the villagers and the natural formations of the beach which invites photographers to display their skills.  Located at Tiwi, it is very accessible by any type of motor vehicle.
MAYON SKYLINE It nestles on the eastern slopes of Mt. Mayon at an altitude of 2,700 ft.  An excellent summer resort with almost similar temperature with Baguio at 28 degrees Celsius.  It is popularly known as �heaven on earth� because of the hanging clouds and the pleasant climate where cool and invigorating air could be experienced.  From this height, visitors, see the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the different towns, lakes, villages, fields and other mountains.  Accessible through Tabaco, motor vehicles of any type could be used to reach it. 
MAYON VOLCANO The world�s nearly perfect cone.  It stands majestically at 7,946 ft.  from the broad base about 10 km. In radius. The crater is 2,451 meters above sea level and with a diameter of .5 kilometer.  It has a notched rim where a pool or building hot lava boils and rich coal deposits could be found. 

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