Another attraction in Manito is this long stretch of coral sands.  So white that it glistens under the rays of the sun. It is excellent for bathing, ski-diving and fishing.
ROCA BALUARTE Today, this fort-like formation in Bacacay has been converted into a beach resort.  The tower was used as a look-out for any invasion of Muslim pirate that disturb the natives time and again.
KIMANTONG SKY DRIVE A long stretch of newly-built concrete road in Daraga Albay.  It connects the Pan Philippine Highway going to Sorsogon and zigzags against a scenic mountainside.  The Panoramic view of Daraga and Legazpi is spellbinding especially at night. It has become a favorite stopover and resting place for motorists who want to relax from a very tiring trip.
DARAGA CATHOLIC CHURCH Built in 1773 by Franciscan missionaries, that is , three years before the declaration of American Independence from the Spanish colonizers. Its highly prized by art enthusiast because of its rich baroque architecture.  Its very huge structure is considered above standard. 
CAMALIG CATHOLIC CHURCH It is another missionary church built out of volcanic rocks.  Today, relics from Hoyop-hoyopan caves are carefully stored and displayed for viewing.  These relics excavated from the cave reflect historical origins.  They manifest the early Malaysian influence through the burial jars excavated.  Glazed ceramics reveal Chinese influx while the primitive potteries are derived from the flourishing Philippine culture 2, 000 years ago.

Every 3rd Saturday of August in Joroan, Tiwi, Albay.

This yearly pilgrimage to Our Nuestra Se�ora de Salvacion, the Patroness of Albay.  It�s highlighted by a maritime procession and a concelebrated Mass on the shores of Sogod Beach.  Thousands of pilgrims from different places flocked to pay homage to the Marian image.

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