Originally, the word was �Kagsawa�. It was derived from Kag, �who does or owner� and SAWA, meaning � a python� which suggested �one who collects snake� or perhaps �a snake charmer,� On its worst, it signifies �excesses� from SAWA (pronounced in �maragsa� on the last syllable) meaning �too much.�  Fr. Francisco Aragonesses, OFM, former curate of Kagsawa and Budyaw, seemed to confirm the notable �overindulgence� of the people during the time.

SOGOD BEACH In Bacacay, it is the most popular beach.  Well-known for its enclaves of black sandy beachers with towering coconut palms and lush vegetation providing cool shades.  These beaches are closely adjacent to the national highways.  Almost unspoiled, it is an excellent place for bathing and fishing.  A convenient place to spend the summer.
BUGSUCAN FALL Another natural phenomena in Tiwi besides the road to Joroan is this tiered waterfalls set on a beauteous mountainside.  Its cascading water blend perfectly with its natural springs. It is recommended site for bathing, picnics and photography.
PALALE FALLS In Malinao, this falls have been branded as a source of disastrous floods.  During good weather, its cascading water like the Bugsucan falls is a splendid site because of its lush surroundings.  It is very accessible by foot trails.
SAN LORENZO BEACH The clear and almost unspoiled beach  have lured hundreds of tourists to this place in Tabaco.  Its strategic location has commanded a breathtaking view of Tabaco Bay and the green soft-looking and quiet island of San Miguel.

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