A broad waterfalls cascading into a river. It is accessible only by foot trail.  Located in Jovellar, Albay.
NAGLAUS UNDERGROUND RIVER Another natural formation in Jovellar which is largely unexplored underground river. It is 300 meter long.  A bamboo craft is used to negotiate the tunneled river.  It looks very mysterious and weird bun an excellent place for a bewildering and strange experience.  Accessible by foot trail.
DEL ROSARIO CAVES Found in Jovellar, this grotto-like cavern is naturally formed on a hillside. It is largely undeveloped.  To reach the place hiking is suggested.
MINAROSO CAVES In Rapu-Rapu, this natural cavern is situated close to the sea. It is haven of seabirds and swallows.  Still unexplored.
BALUBAGON BOILING CAVE A geothermal-like formation.  The steam pressure is described as stronger than Tiwi Geothermal.  The lake has an outlet near the seashore, just a hundred meters away from where the steaming sands and coral like rocks emits the geysers in a fountain-like formation.  The best time to see this natural wonder is on low tide.  The steaming geyser shoots upward.  It could be seen from miles.  Accessible by any type of motor vehicle.  Located in Manito, Albay.

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