BATO CATHOLIC CHURCH Constructed in 1830, this massive structure of mortar and coral stones, has withstood the test of time, wars and ravages of natural calamities.  The historical and magnificently situated edifice is the only remaining complete structure of its genre in the entire island.  Location: Bato
BATALAY SHRINE Site of the first cross in Catanduanes, over the grave of ship-wrecked Fr. Diego De Herrera of the Agustinian order who died in 1576.  Location: Batalay, Bato
LUYANG CAVE A mute witness and tomb of the massacred natives fleeing from pirates during the 17th century.  To appease their troubled souls, a mini grotto and altar was buitl inside.  Visitors can feel the cool damp air inside and wonder what�s in the other chambers that the locals fear.  Location: San Andres
VIRAC CATHEDRAL �Marvel at the stained glass windows of the Churh of The Immaculate Concepcion at the heart of the town.  Location: Downtown, Virac
BATONG PALUAY �The face of Our Lady of Sorrows colorfully imprinted in a piece of stone that has progressively increased in size.  The replica is enshrined in a chapel at the barangay Batong Paluay, San Andres
ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH �is the oldest religious structure located in Caramoran, Catanduanes.

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