Procedure Upon Arrival in Donsol, Sorsogon:

1.  Proceed by tricycle to the Visitors Center, Dancalan, Donsol for registration. 

                   Poblacion Donsol to Dancalan = P30.00 per tricycle.

2.  Registration Fees per head: P300.00 for Foreigners; P100.00 for Filipinos

3.  Briefing of the guests by the Butanding Interaction Officer (BIO)

4.  Whale-Watching/Interaction Package (good for 1 whole day):

     P3,500.00 - to be equally divided among the four (4) to seven (7) passengers  inclusive of:

                    Boat rental . . . . .    P2,500.00

                    BIO fee. . . . . . . .          650.00

                    Spotter/Guide fee       350.00


5.  Guests who intend to interact with the whalesharks may rent their diving/swimming suit and equipments from the Visitors' Center.

6.  Accommodations:

     a)  Woodland Resort    -    

          Rates:  Big Cottages AC (10 pax) P2,700.00

                     AC Rooms (2 pax) P1,500.00

                     Non AC Cottages  P 800.00

     b)  Amor Farm Beach Resort

          Rates:  Cottages w/ private CR - P550.00 

                      Cottages w/ Common CR -P450.00

     c)  Vitton Beach Resort - contact Nora 

          Rates:  AC Rooms (max of 4 pax) - P1,500.00

     d)  Homestays:  

                 1.  Balay ni Inday (Hilda Belmonte) Brgy. Boroan, Donsol,       Sorsogon - P150/head

                  2.  Hernandez' Guest House (Andrew Hernandez) Poso, Donsol, Sorsogon - P150.00/head

                  3.  Santiago's Homestay (Ederlina Santiago) Poso, Donsol, Sorsogon - P150.00/head

                  4.  Visitor's Inn (Hilda Belmonte) 

Contact Person in Donsol: Mr. Salvador Adrao, Jr. - Tourism Coordinator