Itbog Falls

Mt. Iriga

La Roca Encantada

Calapnitan Cave

Sabang Beach

Atulayan Island

Nato Beach

Omang Cave

Caramoan Beach

Lake Bato


MALACSAY FALLS Located in Mt. Isarog in Panicuason, it is 40 feet in height and the cascading water fallson a wide pond.  A strong potential as a tourist attraction in the province.  It could compete with the other leading waterfalls in the Philippines like the Pagsanjan Falls.
LAKE BUHI At the eastern side of Mt. Iriga picturesque Lake Buhi is about 105 m above sea level surrounded on all sides by hills more than 300 m high. 
Sinarapan, the smallest commercial fish in the world, is found in the lake.  It measures about three to four millimeters long and one spoonful would hold a thousand on them.
GOTA BEACH Located in Caramoan, this lovely white beach lies between two small hills and fronting the beach are three unspoiled islets.
ADIANGAO CAVE Located in Presentacion, the entrance to this cave in on the side of a small hill overlooking the sea.  The cave is in the midst of a coffee plantation.
ROSE ISLET This small islet near the town of Presentacion.  The white sandy beach of the islet is good for swimming and snorkeling.
PASACAO BEACH Located in the town of Pasacao, the beach is very popular to the landlocked residents of Naga City.
LEARNING TOWER OF BOMBON It is Camarines Sur�s counterpart or exactly a replica of the very famous Learning Tower of Pisa in Rome.  A 15 minute drive from the City of Naga to Bombon.
PNR MARKER PARK This is located in Del Gallego.  The site is where the late President Manual L. Quezon had driven a golden nail during the inauguration of the North and South bound Railroad tracks which connected Manila and Legazpi.
LADRILLO CHURCH OF QUIPAYO It was constructed in 1616.  This unique brick-made church is located in Calabanga.   Rare artifacts were  excavated in this church and they are now well-displayed in museum behind the church altar.
CONSOCEP RESTHOUSE Located in Tigaon, it is at the midway of Mt. Isarog at an elevation of 1, 800 feet above sea level.  The breeze at this point is hautingly cool among the every luxurious sorrounding that abounds in the place.

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